IMG_6794_COLOR2Hi, I am Gleb Skorobogatov!

I thought up a prototype of Somnambula when I stuck in a cave having injured my leg. Trying to survive in a cold cave, I got into my sleeping bag and was waiting until the swelling on my knee went down and I could get upwards. It lasted 48 hours.

Absolutely alone. I was dreaming about the possibility to walk in my sleeping bag and not to come out of it into the cold air and then make it warm again with my own warmth.

I thought this thing would be of use to a soldier or hikers. It is very comfortable when your clothing can be transformed into a sleeping bag and your sleeping bag can become your clothing.  As a result I made my dream come true.

 But at some time everything turned to be beyond control.

Somnambula appeared to be comfortable not only for special units but also for new mothers. For travelers and bikers, hunters and fishermen, hikers and artists as well as crazy preppers like me; for lumbermen and lumbersexuals, for cocktail parties and for office.  It was a real surprise for me!  And I hope Somnambula will be a great surprise for you!

Gleb Skorobogatov, the Somnambula inventor, is a survival instructor, video blogger and the author of  the survival video series Adapter Project on YouTube. If you are fond of tourism or the matters of  survival in the wilderness you will be interested in:

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