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How to choose your Somnambula

To decide what size would be perfect for you, you should remember your height, measure your hipline and the length of the inseam and you can easily find your size.



  • Your Height cm/in 160-170/63-67 – Your Somnambula, length no. 1
  • Your Height cm/in 170-180/67-71 – Your Somnambula, length no. 2
  • Your Height cm/in 180-190/71-75 – Your Somnambula, length no. 3
  • Your Height cm/in 190-200/75-79 – Your Somnambula, length no. 4


  • Your hips cm/in 92 – 99/36,2 – 38,9 – Your Somnambula, breadth no.1
  • Your hips cm/in 100 – 107/39,3 – 42,1 – Your Somnambula, breadth no.2.
  • Your hips cm/in 108 – 115/42,5 – 45,2 – Your Somnambula, breadth no.3.
  • Your hips cm/in 116 – 120/45,6 – 47,2 – Your Somnambula, breadth no.4.


  • Cm/in 70/27, 75/29, 80/31, 85/33, 90/35, 95/37.

Measuring your inseam: Choose from your clothes the trousers that perfectly fit you and measure their inseam from crotch to bottom of trousers leg.

Today Somnabula is being made from acrylic and merino wool

Acrylic is called artificial wool since it is close to natural wool in its thermal conductivity but at the same time it is hypoallergenic and soft as opposed to wool that can be “itchy”.

Merino wool is delicate and soft which breathes. It retains body heat even being wet. The fibers of merino wool are very thin tubes having natural hydrophobic covering outside and the hydrophilic one inside. Therefore, they transport sweat vapour and keep your body dry. And finally, one more useful option of merino wool! It has antibacterial properties and do not have any odor even after being worn for a long time without washing.




If we decided to make the detailed text instruction to all the options of Somnambula, this instruction would be the same size as Somnambula.

We made video-instruction to make it easier to understand how it works.

It has happened many times when people using Somnambula “discovered” another options of wearing it that we did not invent. We are sure you will find new ways to use Somnambula and ask you to share them. Send us your photos and videos to: